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Why White Wedding Dresses Aren’t the Only Choose

April 28, 2012

Hey stylish brides! White is no longer the only option. We all remember the lovely Cynthia Bailey’s platinum-colored gown custom made by New York designer Rubin Singer. During New York’s Bridal Fashion Week, several wedding designers unveiled a variety of colors for their spring 2013 collections. In particular, Vera Wang, the undisputed queen of wedding [...]

Steps on Choosing Top Level Wedding Dresses

April 27, 2012
wedding dress 1

Planning a marriage is a big task and it can’t be decided in one night. Brides to be tend to find the best design and style with the most affordable price. Some women may not have as many choices as those celebrities who can choose even the most expensive and the most exclusive wedding dresses. [...]

How to Look Perfect on Your Wedding Day

April 26, 2012
designer wedding dresses

Any woman will not let herself look chubby nor fatty during her wedding day and she will do anything to get those fat rid off. But it takes time and some women even have too tough diet which will influence her health. This will be silly because when she has to be on her wedding [...]

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

April 25, 2012
Gorgeous Wedding Dresses

Wedding day is one of the happiest days of one’s life. Finding a perfect dress will make you look and feel you are the best when you walk down the aisle past friends and family. There are many beautiful styles of wedding dresses in plus sizes, so finding the right dress for you and your [...]

Find Your Perfect Wedding Dresses for Different Seasons

April 24, 2012

When you’re getting married, it is necessary to remember all the details about your wedding. It is important to consider the season in which the wedding is set to take place, and then choose the appropriate dress. The summer season can be a very complicated month. It can be hot during the day and intensely [...]

Old Fashioned Wedding Dresses

April 20, 2012
vintage wedding dresses

Old fashioned wedding dresses are generally fine and elegant. Despite the newest designs of contemporary wedding gowns and dresses, there are still brides who opt to wear vintage wedding dresses. Some wedding dresses of this kind have modern accents that give grace and unique beauty. This only suggests that vintage styled or old fashioned themed [...]

Trend of Wedding Dresses in 2012 Spring and Summer

April 19, 2012
Out of Pure White

Out of Pure White The bright color in the dress tide also rendered the wedding dresses in 2011. Pure color, pastel color and color of champagne flashed in a lot of series. Wedding dresses series of Amsale were designed in other colors than pure white for nearly half year. But this is not the first [...]

Costumes for Weddings

April 18, 2012
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Costumes are very important for weddings. The costumes mainly include marriage gauze suits, dragon and phoenix suits, evening dresses, kimonos, western-style clothes, tuxedos and etc. Decorations mainly include necklaces, earrings, bouquet and so on. 1. Wedding Dress Wedding Dress usually includes beatles yarn or hair crown, gauze, pannier and gloves. Beatles yarn can be divided [...]

About How to Design a Theme for the Wedding

April 17, 2012
Only For You

Many girls ask me about the LOGO for the wedding theme. First of all I will talk about how to design a LOGO for the theme of wedding: Firstly, think about the LOGO from the two lovers’ names. For example, the groom’s name is O’Neill and the bride’s name is Yuuni, we can choose “Only [...]

Bridal Gowns 2012 Lead The Latest Fashion

April 16, 2012
Beaded Lace Appliqued Organza Strapless Softly Curved Neckline Unique A-line Pick-up Skirt Pinched with Floral Embellishment with Chapel Train 2012 New Arrival Wedding Dress

Every girl is dreaming of the big day in her whole lifetime. It is not only because wedding is the romantic event in each girl’s lifetime, but also girls could wear beautiful wedding dresses on that important day. Then, what kind of dresses are the most popular wedding dresses in 2012? The following bridal gowns [...]